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Saturday, September 6, 2014

Sewing Basket - By Wanda Hess

Every mother who sews gets real excited when her young daughter asks to be taught how to sew. Memories fly in the mother’s mind as to when she asked her mother to be taught to sew, remembering the first items that were sewn - an apron, pillow case or A-line skirt. We worked so hard to learn how to use the sewing machine, keeping in mind that when we step on the pedal not to push too hard (you aren't driving a car). As a child, learning to sew by hand can be time consuming and very tedious, especially when your thread gets knotted up. Or how in the world do you keep that thimble on your finger? I still have problems with those thimbles!

This year my 36 year old daughter asked for a large sewing basket for her birthday. I was so excited, I went out the next day shopping for the basket. Now my daughter is not new to sewing. She is making clothes for her daughter and doll clothes for American Girl dolls (who by the way are better dressed than me!) When a person learns how to sew there is a gathering of supplies that is needed. Hence comes the sewing basket to hold all these much needed supplies (kinda’ like men are with their tools/toolboxes). Victorian parlors or sewing rooms were not finished without a work stand with a work-box or sewing basket attached. 

Passing down the knowledge of sewing garments for your loved ones is a tradition which started even in the Garden of Eden, when fig leaves were used to make a covering. 
I wonder when they made Joseph’s coat of many colors how long it took that to be completed. Sewing by hand was the only way to put clothes together, until the sewing machine was invented in the 19th century, which made sewing a much faster procedure.

In the 1940’s women used feed sacks and carefully pulled the threads to use for sewing their quilts or garments. Cavemen (or women) sewed fur garments with bone needles with cuts of finely thin leather for the thread. What about in Bible days, what did the woman use for sewing…..Proverbs 31:19 tells us this was the woman's responsibility. She layeth her hands on the spindle.”

In Grace Coolidge’s autobiography (President Calvin Coolidge's wife) I quote: ”Every girl should be taught to sew, not merely for the sake of making something but as an accomplishment which may prove a stabilizer in time of perplexity or distress. Many a time I have needed to hold myself firmly, I have taken my needle, it might be a sewing or knitting needle whatever its form or purpose it often proved to be as the needle of the compass keeping me on the course .” taken from Grace’s Sewing.

I was lucky to have a mother who sewed and taught me how to sew and how to gather those supplies for the Sewing Baskets!

Kitchen Korner—by Dolly Lawler

I hope it’s not too late in the season for you to try this recipe. If you’re a pepper lover and do not already have a good recipe, try this one. It’s the one Ken and I have settled on.

Canned JalapeƱos, Anaheims, or Banana Peppers

Rinse, cut, and prepare your peppers for canning. (If your peppers are really hot, you may need to wear rubber gloves.) I cut the stem end off of each pepper and remove the seed cluster. Don’t be too concerned about getting all the seeds. Then on a cutting board, lay each pepper on its side and cut into numerous circular slices. (Include a few peppers that have turned red; it adds color to the peppers once they are canned and in the jars.)

In the bottom of each pint canning jar, put the following spices:
a sprinkle of dry minced garlic
a sprinkle of dry minced onion
a sprinkle of dry mustard seed
1 head of fresh dill (or a sprinkle of dry dill seed)
a little fresh cilantro if desired
1 tsp. canning salt
a pinch of turmeric
a sprinkle of crushed red peppers

Canning (flats) lids: Prepare lids by placing in a pan with water. Bring to a boil and let simmer until ready to place on jars.

Brine: For 3 pint jars of peppers, bring the following to a boil:
2 cups white (5%) vinegar
2 cups water
½ tsp. yellow food coloring
(If you have more than 3 jars of peppers, adjust your vinegar/water recipe accordingly.)

Pour boiling vinegar/water mixture over peppers leaving a ¼ inch head space. Immediately place hot canning lids on jars and screw canning caps (bands) on snuggly. Turn capped jars upside down a few seconds then set jars upright to seal and cool for 12 hours. Caps (bands) may be removed at that time.


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What would Jesus Do..with all this Technology??

What does the word “Technology” mean to the average person? This question can bring many different answers from many different people, depending on their age and experiences. For most of us, technology refers to the new products and/or gadgets that help make our work or life easier and more enjoyable. Most of us take for granted some basic things in our lives, that at one time were considered new and revolutionary technology; like electricity, indoor plumbing, heating and air conditioning, automobiles, television and radio to name just a few. Most of us would agree that since the mid 1970’s through today we have seen an explosion of technology around electronics, communications and the ways we can interact with other people not just locally but around the world. With all of this in mind, let’s look at a basic definition of technology.

Merriam-Webster’s dictionary has the following definition for technology: Technology is “a manner of accomplishing a task especially using technical processes, methods, or knowledge”. Using this definition of technology, we can see that the human race has always been pushing the boundaries in the development of new technologies to help us accomplish any task set before us. Any technology that makes our life more enjoyable and makes our work easier is a technology that will probably be successful and be widely adopted by everyone.

So, you might be asking yourself: What does technology have to do with Jesus or even Christianity? Jesus did not have all this technology back in his time! What would Jesus do with all this technology if his ministry on earth were taking place right now? Would Jesus use a smart phone, a Facebook page, or a Twitter account? Would Jesus use group texting or email to communicate with the Apostles? Would Jesus use YouTube to spread the Gospel? Would Jesus have a blog? These may sound like silly questions to ask but these questions are very relevant to the world we live in today and to the next generation of young Christians; the same young Christians that will be the future leaders of the church. What should we as the Church and as Christians be doing with all this technology?

Join me in this 3-part series of articles as we explore the Bible and ask the question: What Would Jesus Do…..with all this Technology??

Tim's Thoughts - By Pastor Tim Binns

First impressions are so important for a church. When a guest arrives on a Sunday morning the first 10 minutes is critical. They decide in those few minutes whether they will come back for a second visit. The clock does not start in the sanctuary; it starts as they pull into our parking lot. The deacons have recommended that we designate prime parking spots as guest parking spots. We will be telling guests that they are important to us. It will also allow our First Connections team to observe guests before they get out of their car. I think we need to add more friendly people to our First Connections team. We need young legs to assist our guests in finding the First Connections station where we can welcome our guests and help them find classrooms or the sanctuary as needed. This First Connections team will include our present Greeters as well as our ushers. We will need more volunteers to adequately staff this ministry. I will have a sign-up for volunteers for this ministry. 

The Church Memories Workshop will provide an opportunity for an interactive review of our past to determine both positive and negative effects the church’s collective memory has on the present nature and ministry of the church. The focus of the process is to view the church’s history through the eyes of Christ. During the workshop participants will discover both the dynamic and the dysfunctional qualities in the church’s past. Then church members can respond appropriately with repentance and celebration. The workshop is part of helping our church turn loose from the past in order to take hold of the present and move with spiritual power and holy confidence in the future. Then we as a church can celebrate how the Lord has blessed us in the past and how He can use us in the future. This workshop will include three major parts: (1) What did Jesus say to the seven churches in Revelation 2-3? (2) What would Jesus say to our church? (3) What are the good memories and painful memories throughout the time each of us has been a part of our church? 

The Church Memories Workshop will take place on September 14th at noon. Sign-up for the lunch and workshop outside the office.