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Monday, February 8, 2016

WE ALL HAVE TO DO IT!!!! and the answer is DIE…… Wanda Hess

Now you might be saying, “what is wrong with her writing about Death”.  But isn’t it a fact of life? We are born, we live and we die.  JOB tells us of a journey of no return Chapter 16:22.

In our yard we used to have a maple tree.  This tree was a very small tree when we moved into our house.  Through the years we watched that tree grow.  Beautiful leaves in the fall and drop when they died. The kids loved racking those leaves and jumping in them.  And then spring came and out those green leaves came.  There was a nice sturdy limb that held the rope for a swing.  And it became a playground for the kids.  A picnic table was a perfect spot there in the summer months in the shade of that maple tree.  Where many a picnic meals were shared or board games were played.  We watched that tree live and die through its growing stages of the life of a tree.  And now that tree is gone, but the memories of those activities around that tree are remembered.

The older I get I read the Obituaries, perhaps you do to.  Some are quite long and give you quite a picture of that person‘s life.  And what they meant to family and friends.  So what are they going to remember about you when you die?  Ecclesiastes 9 :5 talks about being forgotten after death.  It is not so much about what they write in your obituary.  But what would be remembered by family, children, grandchildren, and even your church family?

It’s not hard to sit down and make a list of your good traits but are you telling it all.  Is there room to change or make amendments of the bad traits.  GOD put you here on this earth for a purpose are you seeking his help and guidance of where you should be?  Your talents can be used in many ways that you might not have thought were meaningful but are. The feeling of working in the Bible School program at church or donating food to a church sponsored meal after a funeral.  Had you ever thought about those impressions on people see you in church on Sundays. To be remembered as a church goer wouldn't be all bad would it?

Just like our maple tree it grew, it bloomed, it was admired and missed when it was gone.  Are you blooming, can you be admired…or will you be missed when you are gone?

My prayer for you is don’t become stale in your life.  Do not become tired of working in the church or community.  Reach out to GOD on how to become the person that will be remembered fondly by others after you are gone.

JOB 18:17 talks about a name forgotten….don’t let your name be forgotten here on earth……

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