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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Kitchen Korner - By Dolly Lawler

It seems like only yesterday I was gently transferring my fragile cabbage seedlings to miniature, individual pots.  Well, yesterday, whenever that was, is gone, and we have already reaped 14 nice sized, mature heads of cabbage from our garden.  My main cabbage project this year is sauerkraut, which, by the way, is right now in the fermenting stage.  Time will tell whether or not it will turn out good.  I've had both successes and failures with my sauerkraut.  Besides kraut, I always like to make Grandma Zella's Freezer Coleslaw.  You don't even have to have a garden to make this slaw.  Just pick up the ingredients at your local grocery store.  The fact that this slaw can be frozen, refrozen, or just refrigerated, makes it a quick and convenient salad for any dinner menu.  I sometimes find myself craving its sweet and tangy taste.  It's excellent with a meat, mashed potatoes and gravy type meal.  I think I'm hungry for it right now and I've just eaten.  (I'm sure this kind of "thinking" is what's wrong with my seemingly expanding waistline.)
1   medium head cabbage, shredded
1   carrot, grated
1   green pepper, chopped
1   tsp. salt
Mix salt with cabbage; let stand 1 hour.  Squeeze our moisture, then add carrot and green pepper.  While cabbage mixture is standing, make this dressing:
1 cup   vinegar
¼ cup  water
1 tsp.   whole mustard seed
1 tsp.   celery seed
2 cups  sugar
Combine dressing ingredients and boil 1 minute.  Cool to lukewarm and pour over slaw mixture.  Refrigerate overnight to serve next day, or put in freezer containers and freeze for future meals.  This slaw thaws in just minutes ready for serving and eating; leftover slaw can be refrozen.
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