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Saturday, March 5, 2016

A Quilter: that would be me! - By Wanda Hess

I have always loved to sew.  If it be by hand or on the sewing machine.  I began with the doll clothes which I sewed by hand.  Barbie dolls needed many outfits to satisfy a little girl.  Then I found I could have a unique wardrobe when in high school and sewed my clothes.  During those days when you liked a boy you went “steady”. A fun thing to do was to wear shirts to match.  And yes it was on!  I made our shirts to match or a tie for him and a dress for me to match.  And after marriage and birth of children my sewing went back to little outfits for the children.    Now in my “golden years” I have found how to quilt.  If it be by hand or on the sewing machine.

Recently, I read a book called “Quilts are Forever , A patchwork collection of Inspirational Stories” by Kathy Lamanaousa.  It told how persons found comfort in quilts they received from family members or quilting itself.  From the very beginning of picking out fabric to deciding on a design to using a needle to make those tiny stitches.  Most gave their quilts away and all remembered the warmth they felt in the giving or if they received a quilt.

Perhaps you have been lucky one to receive a quilt.  A lot of time goes into making a quilt.  Time that a person puts into something for you and stops the time spent on “stuff” for the creator. A person puts a lot of their soul into a quilt.  And the person who receives a quilt can see and feel the love expressed in this masterpiece.

Kinda’ like GOD does for us.  We each are his masterpiece.  One that he spends a lot of time on.  He is the potter we are the clay it tells us in Jeremiah Chap.18.  Each of us had a life given to us by GOD.  We come in all sizes and shapes.  We grow from teachings from parents, grandparents, Sunday School teachers, School teachers, our Pastor, to have the knowledge on what a person should be.  Those persons are the patches in our life quilt.  While we often have no control over the pieces of fabric GOD gives us, we can decide in to what pattern we stitch that fabric.  And knowing GOD personally turns us out to be the masterpiece that he wants.  We take all those teachings and sew them together in our quilt of life.  But having GOD keeps those golden threads from breaking! Remember we reap what we sew!

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